I hold on to this with every piece of fibre in me

Often times when I find myself in what my bff and I refer to as our “dark alley” its so easy to just sit there and feel sorry for myself.

What’s a dark alley you ask? Its that place that always seems to creep up on you, like you’ll be walking in the beautiful garden that is your life and loving it and without notice you find yourself lost in this darkness and you don’t know how you got there, and everything you thought you knew has just changed. Sound familiar?

All I can tell you from experience, is this, self pity is a bottomless pit that just sucks you in like quick sand. its okay to get vulnerable from time to time, we’re only human, but don’t let that be your crutch.

Imagine if Jesus felt sorry for himself on that cross, where would we be? Not that we can ever compare ourselves to HIM, but we can learn from it and only get stronger.

Nothing in life that’s Great ever comes easy, you gotta have faith! You gotta work hard! And you gotta pray even harder! Hope is nothing without hard work I say.

Having said that have yourself a happy happy easter! Stay blessed you awesome person you!


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