Turban Turn On

the 1940's turban

the 1940’s turban

I think I’m warming up to the turban trend now. I actually feel quit silly calling it a “turban trend” because I’m african and well african women been wearing head wraps since the beginning of time. Like wise Indian folk have been wearing turbans for ever as well. So its not really something awe inspiring, but its a novel trend.

I suppose that’s what it is with fashion though, its ever recurring, we are constantly borrowing from the time capsule. If we go to the past,  Turbans first made on appearance in the 40’s and most memorably in the 70’s by celebs such as Barbra Streisand, Sophia Loren and Bianca Jagger. 

Then “Carrie Bradshaw” (aka SJP) wore it in sex and the city 2. June Ambrose also came along and made it super fashionable again, dressing it up or down she knows a thing or two about a tuku (that’s a lose translation for what we call turbans in SA).

Solange followed and others followed suit and soon everyone who knew or pretended to know about fashion or those “I dress for myself” fashion people who think trends are dumb and yet here they are…*major eye roll* but yeah basically fashionistas started donning turbans.

Anyway now that winter is around the corner in SA, I think (for me) it’ll make better sense to wear it then, wearing meters of cloth on my head in summer just does not appeal to me…

FYI…if ur willing to spend an upwards of $150 dollars u can own your very own June Ambrose turban…ummm yeah like hell. *rummages through my scarves*

Here’s to the urban turban!

the 1970's turban

the 1970’s turban


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