The concept of Love

Do you believe that your soul mate is out there? I do. Deep down, I’m a hopeless romantic. I love love and the feeling of being in love and being loved and giving love and receiving it. Especially if it comes from the person who…when you think about them, you have to sit down to catch your breath and calm down because you’re so in love.

Have you ever felt that? When you feel that, and you know without a doubt its reciprocated then honey, guard it like the precious gift it is and cherish and don’t fix what’s not broken or try to improve it. Its perfect just the way it is. I think that’s a fault a lot of us women have, you know “fixing him”.

I think making an adjustment here and there is fine, but fixing him? Nah… Ask yourself what you’re doing with damaged goods in the first place and most importantly who appointed you his crusader?

I know that men don’t come perfect, but neither do we women. I guess if he wants fixing then so be it, but imposing it on him will never work. Unless you want a stepford man, in which case you’re fooling yourself.

Imagine if someone wanted to change you in order to better suit them? What does that say about you? That you’re not good enough as you are?

And then try to imagine how he feels knowing that you want to change him…

I might not be the correct person to comment on it. But what I know about love is that, while it may be a lot of things, one thing it is not is doubtful or uncertain or forced or conditioned.

And when you find yourself in doubt everyday about even the silliest thing or that if only he did this and not that or what ever you find yourself question or mentally tweaking him , maybe its time to reevaluate.

That’s where (I believe) your soul mate comes in, because he or she doesn’t need fixing or adjusting. He or she was made for you from the moment he was conceived. And everyday that went by in your life only brought you closer to the day or moment you met. And when you met you knew immediately without a shadow of doubt that he or she was it.

That my friends is what I consider love but like I said, I may not be the correct person to comment on this

Think about it though


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