Im baaaaaaack!

Hi my angels!

How y’all doin? Its been a minute…

I’ve had major blogger’s block. If that’s even a term. But I’m back in top form now, we can get the party going again.

I’ve been going through some things. My mom told me, is that,in whatever you do, if you do not lay the correct foundation, it will surely fall apart. And it will continue to do so. Doesn’t matter how much beams you put us to protect your structure, without a good foundation the only thing you can expect is that IT WILL FAIL. And I’ve had to learn that the hard way.

Having to start at the bottom so the top can blossom. I’m kinda doing that now with a lot of things in my life. I’m taking my own advice and ruffling my own feathers.

In the midst of my bloggers block my readers keep my spirit up.

So I just want to thank all my readers for the continued positive feedback I received even during my hiatus, it means the world to me you have no idea.

Today, when my bestie told me she was just in all sorts of love with my blog, and particularly loved the “live fearlessly entry” I almost turned into a bunny, I was just all sorts of motivated.

Then I got another email, one of my readers telling me she was still loving my blog.

And many more from many other readers. All that positive feedback must mean I’m doing something right.

You guys like what I have to say!

So thank you my angels, mama’s back.

So kick back relax and do this shall we?


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