Let Kids be Kids!

Its such torture to my soul when I’m at the mall or any other public place and I see little girls being subjected to wearing high heels and wedges! Or any other clothing items that would be better suited for adults.

When did it become okay to dress little girls like little adults? I mean can you imagine how traumatic it is to wear heels and walk around the mall all day?

Yet you dress your little girl in them and haul her to the mall, then when she gets ansy and starts throwing tantrums you lose it in public because how dare she embarrass you like that?

I’ve seen little girls wearing weaves, with nail extensions, asses hanging out there short shorts! Its really atrocious! What kind of body image are you building for your little girl? How has that worked out for you? Being trampy? Then pushing that tramp onto your child?

There’s really no need to rush your kids into adult hood, kids must be kids! For as long as they can be at that!! The world we live in already bombards them with so much as it is, you don’t need to add to that.

When you see your child you should see love, happiness, joy, fun, rainbows, puppies, sugar and spice and all things nice! And that does not mean her wearing adult’esk clothing.

Raise your little one to be the queen she will be when she grows up. Take pride in how she looks when you walk out the door with her, after all our kids are a direct reflection of us, I see that often with my son.

You really are your child’s mirror.

Besides little girls are the easiest and arguably more fun to dress! There’s so much variety! You just gotta turn on your fairy princes eye!

I was perusing the Woolworths website and I got inspired to put together some outfits, to help you out the next time you take your daughter shopping.

When I think of little girls words such as colorful, whimsical, fairies, fun, unicorns, rainbows come to mind. Just fun happy thoughts, based on that here’s what I came up with and I don’t even have a little girl, but if I did you can bet your pretty penny she’d be the fairest of them all in the whimsical forrest where she reigns as a princes.

I found this AMAZING MOST CUTEST SHIFT DRESS for little girls and my creative juices shot off!

All the items I used in the illustrations are available at woolies, except for the black shoes with bows, I found those off the internet somewhere, but you get the idea

Remember mommies, high heels or wedges or weaves or make up on kids is not cute its creepy and odd and it makes you seem like you’re raising a future busy body… I’m jus’ saying *shrugs*

you’re my sugar honey iced tea baby, thanks for reading this *kisses*

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