Our very first First Fabulous Young Mom for 2013!

Channelle and her daughter Rileigh

Channelle and her daughter Rileigh

Channelle and I went to high school together and now many years later our kids go to the same school! Well preschool that is!

I was doing some research on who my next fab mama would be and saw her profile pic on facebook, this black and white pic you see on top.

And Good Lord is she obsessed with her daughter! But I love that! I love when you can see a genuine bond and love between a mother and her child, its a beautiful thing to be able to see that in pictures, what more when you can experience it yourself?

So off I went asking if she would be interested in featuring, she graciously accepted! And so ladies and gents out first fab young mom for 2013 Mrs Makhele in her own words…

1. If you could describe yourself in three words…?

Only 3 words?? Crazy, Crazy Crazy lol just kidding šŸ™‚ I have been described as a cocktail of personalities but I tend to think I am caring, honest and an introverted-extroverted individual.

2. What is a must have when it comes to your beauty routine?

Water, green tea and sunscreen is a must.


3. Describe your style in one sentence

I am not a fashionista but I would say it is chic and comfortable.

4. Who is your style icon and Why?

I just love Kimora Lee Simmons! She is true mommy Fabulous. Even though she is a mogul and entrepreneur, she values her time spent with her kids and they always come first in her life.

From clothes to accessories, she rocks!

5. Describe your dress sense

I am often on the go and prefer clothes that are extremely comfortable and versatile.
6. Your everyday make up must have’s

Mascarra, lip gloss and eye liner

7. What’s your ‘go to’ outfit of choice? i.e clothes you are always drawn to when you go shopping?

a great pair of jeans… and somehow I always sneak in a pair of shoes šŸ™‚


8. Best and worst buy.

Best buy: shoes, shoes and more shoes. You can never go wrong with a great set of heels or flats to compliment an outfit

Worst buy: don’t judge but i was going to a phase growing up and i begged my mother to buy me a pair of spice girl sneakers. Yes, the platform ones #hides

9. How old is your child?

May daughter will be celebrating her 5th birthday in February #unbelievable

10. What things do you guys together that are special, like your mommy and me time.

My daughter loves to help out in her moms two favorite places, the kitchen (where I am always trying out new quick and easy nutritional meals) and the garden where i grow my own veggies and fruits.

To add to that there is the occasional mommy makeovers which i think she enjoys the most.

11. Best memory as a mom

My best memory goes back to the day my little princess was born, after having countless conversations with my tummy, I was able to hold my baby girl in my arms for the first time and when i was privileged to see her first steps #priceless

12. Worst memory as a mom

After raising my daughter for the first year of her life, i decided that i needed to start my career. The first day i was separated form my child was the toughest. I recall, calling the nanny constantly to check up on her. I became THAT mom.
13. What advise would you give to other fab young moms

Embrace motherhood, it is AMAZING! and the sad part it goes by so quick. Enjoy the moments you get to spend with your children and instil a strong foundation within your children.

14. What is your immediate goal for the next 12 months
for your daughter

My daughter loves hockey, so this year I will enroll her for mini hockey and see her follow in her mom’s footsteps but most of all this year means deepening that mother and daughter relationship.

15. Where do you go shopping for your child’s clothing

When it comes to clothes we try different stores ranging from Edgars to JET but most of her clothes her dad buys whilst traveling overseas.

16. What’s your approach when it comes to dressing your child

I actually dont have a say, cause according to my daughter i have no toddler dress sense *shocked*

So she says :”I got this mama” and surprisingly most of her outfits are well put together.

17. Tell us about your favorite quote and what it means to you?

“You can do anything you set your mind to and best of all you can do it in stilettos!”

with great determination, perseverance and hard work you can achieve anything you set your mind to even against all the odds. And most importantly you can look FAB doing it!

18. Tell us about the presence of God in your life

I have always had a great relationship with the man above but this relationship was heightened when I got married and our pastor advised that even though we are no one in unity, we should always remember that God should always play an important role in our marriage.

Ever since then their has and will continue to be a great presence of God not only in my life but in my family’s as well.

let me know if you need anything else. and thank you

Channelle and her family! love it!

Channelle and her family! love it!

kids will be kids!

kids will be kids!

you’re my sugar honey iced tea baby, thanks for reading this *kisses*


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