As simple a statement as this might be, actually putting into motion is much harder.

Can you imagine what it really means though? To live fearlessly? For some it would mean actually standing up to that person who continues to be rude to you, or to disagree when you really actually disagree not because you see two other people disagreeing therefore you can comfortably disagree as well

Stand up to yourself and ruffle your own feathers and see what happens! Its an age old proverb, you really are your own worst enemy.

Ruffling your own feathers simply means standing up to those voices in your head that tell you people will laugh at you if you do this or what if someone doesn’t like it or what if they reject me or what if I embarrass myself.

Good Lord So what?! Really you’re not so special that the whole world will primarily focus on you and your flaws forever. Just ask Bill Clinton or R Kelly or Julius Malema or Hellen Zille, get over yourself. Seriously. They did. And life went on as we knew it.

Life is for living honey, imagine having your eulogy read and we will say about you is that “well, you led a very cautious life…nothing to see here, let’s get on with it and bury you already.”

I mean if Birdman and Lil’Wayne can walk into a board room and command respect with all those tattoos? I’m saying, Steve J walks into the VH1’s offices and gets his cheques, Nene Leaks gets her paper with her blonde self. In spite of their flaws or public humiliation these people are living theirs fearlessly.

And there you are going about how you’re scared while Nicki Minaj gets her barbie on while Nonhle Thema gets her nandos on while Euphonic gets his money,

Ah its a stupid idea it won’t work,Oh gosh what will they say? People will always talk. Its what we do, some more than others but that’s just it, People will always talk and often times that’s just where it ends.

The same people talking about you are the same people with mountains and mountains of fears they need to conquer, so off course they’re going to judge you because how dare you face your fears and actually live your life? Just ask Mome and Tall Ass Mo how far living fearless got them.

Live your Life fearlessly. Point blank period.


But that’s not to mean start acting a damn fool. Go’head ruffle your feathers

Can I get a AMEN?!

you’re my sugar honey iced tea baby, thanks for reading this *kisses*


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