101 silly little things that make me happy

Its so important to be happy

Often times life throws all kinds of things at you and it can get tricky to hold on to happiness. I was browsing through one of my many favorite blogs “hell in a bag” and came across a blog entry on “100 things that make me happy” and as I went through her list, I had such a smile on my face, that such silly little insignificant things can really bring happiness, so I set off writing about the stuff that makes me happy.

So here goes, in no particular order

1. Playing with my son

2. Random hugs from my son, followed by him saying “I love you mommy” then he carries on with what he was doing.

3. My dog Bailey, playing with her, even how she smells.

4. Alone time

5. My blog and browsing though other blogs. And getting compliments on my blog.

6. Shoes! Shoes! Shoes! Shoes! Shoes!

7. Fashion! Fashion! Fashion!

8. Waking up to a bbm from by best friend!

9. The crazy chats I have with my best friend everyday, we have an off beat sense of humor and its not for everyone but we sure go to town with it!

10. Khanye West’s song “through the wire” and “sky high ft lupe fiasco” and so many more! I love music all kinds.

11. When I finish cleaning my place before 12pm so I can sit all day and catch up on my fave tv shows all day!

12. Flipping through channels and coming across an episode of fashion police or the Kardashians I haven’t seen.

13. The Shape of my legs

14. The heart shaped birth mark on my leg

15. Hearing my son laughing his head off

16. Nestle’s Cashew & Coconut chocolate

17. Days I have to get busy with my hair routine

18. Seeing my hair grow! And my hair line too!

19. Painting my nails… And not smudging them!

20. The smell of muddy dust in the air after rain

21. Rainy Days! Or Cold days spent in doors enjoying comfort food.

22. Laughing with my boyfriend or laughing at him!

23. Picking out an outfit, getting ready to go out!

24. When my friends bbm me out of the blue just to say they love me!

25. The silly little chats I have with my friend Jimmy on bbm almost everyday.

26. Discovering a new shop of silly little trinkets

27. Driving around down town jozi with my mom, its such a foreign place for me. Its like being in another world I swear!

28. Shoe shopping with my mom or any kind of shopping really.

29. Hanging around with my little brother and then we make fun of my mom! Or talk in our own lingo or hearing about his crazy friends and what they get up to!

30. The look on my son’s face when I pick him up after school and we go for ice cream or chocolate

31. When I can actually fall asleep without my mind wondering about.

32. The feeling you get after a really good prayer!

33. The look on my gran’s face when I show up without letting her know I’m coming

34. Chilling with my cousin Ulenda, its very rare but its so much fun when it does happen

35. Playing with my nephew Amogelang

36. Finding an awesome pair of heels!

37. The feeling of accomplishment I get after running for an hour flat!

38. Whenever I walk in a room and its all eyes on me!

39. Those days I wake up feeling really pretty for no reason!

40. Losing Weight.

41. The V forming on my thighs from all that jogging!

42. Watching the nanny, the hangover, sex and the city and all my favourite movies and tv shows

43. Laughing so hard that my eyes water and my tummy hurts.

44. Finding a song I’ve been looking for forever and then being able to download it on my phone for free

45. Paying back people I owe

46. The smell of leather in a new car

47. When a man smells good and I sort of catch his scent in the air

48. The feeling of freshly layed out sheets after a long shower

49. when my loved ones brag about me

50. Making people laugh

51. My christian dior perfume!

52. Seeing my perfume collection grow!

53. Accomplishing the mini targets I set myself everyday

54. Tulips

55. When babies smile at me

56. Having money to blow

57. My Blackberry 9900 phone! Whatever would I do without it!

58.The many Birthday wishes I get on my birthday from people I haven’t spoken to in a while!

59. Bumping into an old friend

60. Bumping into ex when I look extra hot!

61. The feeling you get when you apply hand lotion on really dry hands

62. Shopping for beauty products at dischem

63. A cool passing breeze on a hot day

64. Summer day lunching with my friends!

65. My mom’s pap and chicken when I’m staaaaaaaaarving, simple and plain and delish!

66. Having fish and chips and then finding the last bit of atcha in the fridge to eat it with!

67. When I cook and everyone loves the meal!

68. Finishing off a cross word puzzle

69. When all my debit orders go off and I have a little more money than I thought I’ll have left!

70. Being told “you’ve got the job!”

71. Receiving shoes or perfume as gifts

72. Listening to old school music

73. Being able to sing along to my fave song without messing up until then end of the song

74. Hearing juicy gossip

75. That feeling you get after showering

76. The look on my colleagues when I look all girly and then my fave hip hop song plays and I rap along to it, they be like “wtf did she jus’ rap”

77. On the days I’m broke and I need to do my hair and I find all the ingredients to do a home remedy without having to go to the salon

78. When I bake a cake it comes out fabulous

79. Going out for drinks with friends

80. Talking to myself and actually making myself laugh

81. My ability to stay calm when sh!t gets tough

82. The look on people’s face when I tell them I don’t wear base on face, its only blush powder.

83. Drinking Joko tea with condense milk and having it “eet sum mor biscuits”, it remind me of my paternal granny who passed away.

84. Hearing stories about my dad

85. Finding out that some of the old school music I love are the same ones my dad loved.

86. Having good dreams about my dad or my uncle. They’ve both passed away.

87. Making my granny happy.

88. When my mom tells me she’s proud of me.

89. When my little brother says I’m “a cool sister”

90. Walking around the hood (alex) with my cousin, she’s like a mini celebrity there

91. Receiving compliments

92. When my gay friends tell me I look hottt! Those guys never lie, so actually getting it right by their standards is quite a feat.

93. A clean sink with no dishes in it.

94. Coming home to a super clean home after a long day

95. Buying stuff for my son

96. Paying off an account

97. A tidy wardrobe. Even though it never lasts, by the third day that dream is over…

98. Looking for a new place to live in

99. Being in love and being loved.

100. The feeling of hope when things don’t go right

101. Being alive, especially when I think of how my uncle lost his life.

you’re my sugar honey iced tea baby, thanks for reading this *kisses*


One thought on “101 silly little things that make me happy

  1. I really really love this! So often we don’t think positively. We forget to acknowledge the little things that make us happy and focus on the negative. Writing down things that make you happy actually gives more meaning than just thinking about them coz you really get to appreciate what you have thought about and written down.

    I will jot down a lot of 101 little things that make me happy and appreciate it from time to time


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