This Week’s Fab Young Mommy!

Thabi and her son Usanda

Thabi and her son Usanda

My love of shoes led me to this amazing young mommy! She owns her own shoe brand “chaotic couture”. Her shoes are coveted by our local celebs and really all the girls truly in the know! …Like me of course! Now here’s a girl who took her passion and made into a feasible and profitable business! Words cannot describe how I lust for a pair.

She is, by what little I’ve come to know of her, ridiculously sweet and absurdly calm to the point of serious abnormality. Those two traits contribute to the fab mom she is, here’s what she has to say about her fab in her own words…

Q: If you could describe yourself in three words…?

A: Kind, Caring & Ambitious

Q: What is a must have when it comes to your beauty routine

A: Enough sleep and lots of water

Q: Describe your style in one sentence.

A: Very simple but yet elegant

Q: Who is your style icon and why?

A: Eva Marcel ;What I love about her is that she’s beautiful and very stylish. She look pretty in every hairstyle imaginable. She reminds me so much of me because I try anything and everything when it comes to hairstyles. But I keep my hair natural at all times

Q: Best and worst buy

Best Buy all my Chaotic Shoes, Worst buy… Nothing so far.

A: My son turns 5 in March

Q: How old is your child?

A: He turns five in March 2013.
What things do you guys together that are special, like your mommy and me time

Q: How do you spend quality time with your son, your “mommy and me time”?

A: I recently bought a kiddies laptop. He loves it. So I’m always teaching him how to use it. He also loves the cinema, but he fell asleep the few times I took him.

Q: Best memory as a mom

A: Best memory is giving birth and seeing my son for the first time. That’s one memory I’ll never forget

Q: Worst memory as a mom

A: Worst memory is not living with him, I stayed with him for the 1st 3yrs of his life, and I had to make some changes. So that was hard.

Q: What advise would you give to other fab young moms such as yourself or those wanting to be?

A: I would advise them that being a mom requires one to be very patient, that they must also be prepared to play both the mother and father roles to their children. Father’s don’t sometimes see things in the mother’s eye.

Q: What is your immediate goal for the next 12 months for you and your child?

A: Goal would be to work towards re-building myself as a person and also towards living with my son full time so I don’t rob myself of his up bringing and of his growth.

Q: Where do you go shopping for him, for clothes. And where do you shop for you. And why?

A: I shop everywhere, if I see something I like and it’s of good quality I buy it. Most of my son’s clothes are from Naartjie Kids and Woolworths.

Q: What’s your approach when it comes to dressing your child

A: Kids grow so quickly so I always try and buy him a slightly bigger size and of good quality because they last longer.

Q: Tell us about your favorite quote and what it means to you?

A: 12. Love them all but trust no one: This quote has so much meaning to me because as you grow you realize that people are not worthy of trust.


Stunning heels from the chaotic couture collection

Stunning heels from the chaotic couture collection

could you die? seriously? could you die!

could you die? seriously? could you die!

you’re my sugar honey iced tea baby, thanks for reading this *kisses*


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