Weekend at The Hamptons Vibe

Lungi's outfit this afternoon

Lungi’s outfit this afternoon

Today I had lunch with my good friend Penny. Its school holidays so my son’s hanging out with me a lot.
We lunched at Tasha’s at Melrose Arch, I would’ve taken out door pics but the rain ruined everything, luckily I managed to take some before we left.

I’ve always been a fan of boat shoes, I think its the quintessential summer shoe for boys! They’re enough to pull the outfit together without making it look like over kill.

And these ones in particular, my son chose himself. Stylish young lad.

And so, I went for a Martha’s Vineyard-Weekend at the Hamptons look when I dressed him today

* Boat Shoes – Edgars at Melrose Arch
* Denim Shirt – bought from Edgars at Sandton last year
* Striped gray and white tshirt – Pick n Pay Clothing 🙂
* Cargo Shorts – well these were actually long pants I bought when he was about 2. He’s always liked them and never wanted to give them away, so now he wears them as three quarter cargo’s! Go figure!

you’re my sugar honey iced tea baby, thanks for reading this *kisses*


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