Our Very First Fabulous Young Mom!

Mommy and Son! on Amo's first day at school, how adorbs!

Mommy and Son! on Amo’s first day at school, how adorbs!

It has to be said, without favour, of all the moms I know, this one quite takes the cup.

Naledi has like this insane mom instinct, I don’t know how but she has this knowledge of parenting and she’s so good at it. I think its partly because she’s such a kindred spirit, although she will never ever admit that she’s a big softy.

I know that I could stand to take a few notes from her, she and her son Amo are so close. That’s one thing I struggle with. My son and I, we have our moments of closeness but its not always the case. And I think part of the reason I started this category on the blog is to learn from other young moms, see what I’m doing right and what I can change.

Anyway, before I go and make this about me, here’s our first feature. My best friend Naledi on parenting and things, in her own words.

Q: If you could describe yourself in three words…?
A: Sarcastic, bookworm, maverick
Q: What is a must have when it comes to your beauty routine

A: SPF 50 moisturiser and a good serum

Q: Describe your style in one sentence.
A: An incorporation of classic trends
Q: Who is your style icon and why?

A: Zoe Saldana because of the clean classic looks she puts together. Rihanna because she follows her fashion instincts

Q: Best and worst buy

A: Best: white shift dress Twist
Worst: black jeans from a thrift shop in town

Q: How old is your son?
A: 6.

Q: What things do you guys together that are special, like your mommy and me time
A: Everytime is mommy and me time. We avid movie goers, we dress up and go to dinner together and we have random deep convos before bedtime.

Q: Best memory as a mom

A: His birth

Q: Worst memory as a mom
A: getting him to trust himself, still working on that
Q: What advise would you give to other young moms?
A: Spend time with your kid, how they turn out is entirely your fault

Q: What is your immediate goal for the next 12 months for your son
A: To keep on our current path and to move him to the school I want
Q: Where do you go shopping for him, for clothes. And where do you shop for you. And why?
A: For him, mostly Edgars and Woolworths. It’s just convenient

Q: What’s your approach when it comes to dressing yourself and your child?
A: For me, everywhere. Mostly Woolworths because they have classic, classy timeless pieces (I love Twist and Country Road)
If I’m impressed by how he looks, then he looks good. I am my only judge, he’s not bothered
I dress by mood, I love a classic look that will look good today and next year, therefore my trend following is limited. For instance I looove skinny jeans, that look will last. Jumpsuits however will soon vanish
When I’m lazy, I go for dresses. Easy, versatile and shows off my legs
My make-up consists of concealer, mascara, shimmer stick, brow liner and gloss. That’s about it. When I go big, I add a top lash line with a flick




Nana's son Amogelang!

Nana’s son Amogelang!

you’re my sugar honey iced tea baby, thanks for reading this *kisses*


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