The Miracle That is Fenugreek

my magix drops

my magix drops

I have a tea rinse in my hair, need to let it sit for 30 minutes before I wash it out, I have time to kill

Speaking of hair, I am totally obsessed fenugreek. Its a miracle herb I tell ya.

I don’t quite remember who recommended it or why, but I’ve been taking these drops for almost a year now and its just amazeballs.

Before I delve into why fenugreek works for me, let me give you background info on what it is exactly

Fenugreek promotes hair growth and makes it curly. It combats acne, dandruff, relieves coughing, dryness, asthma, hard breathing, increase sexual drive, the flow of menstruation and breast-milk. It treats high cholesterol, type II Diabetes, decreases pain and swelling, relieves flatulence, phlegm, piles and various accumulation in the intestines. It dissolves phlegm from the chest and helps against gastric ulcer and lung disease. Fenugreek relieves urine retention and works as a laxative. When placed on an erratic nail, it will heal it. Its oil helps against cracked skin due to extreme cold when mixed with wax.

I have really small boobage…much to my dismay 😦
After breast feeding my son the girls went south

Enter fenugreek!

For some reason this herb stimulates the production of breast tissue, it works so well that even breast feeding women who have a hard time producing milk use this to stimulate milk production.

Back to me, ten drops three times a day for the past few months led to the revival of my girls!!

Coupled with that, my skin’s glowing, my hair’s growing! Its amazing I tell ya.

The taste takes a bit of getting used to, but I’ve been taking for so long now I can’t taste it anymore.

You won’t see the results immediately but in about two weeks time I was able to note fullness. My hairstyle was a short pixie cut that I trimmed often, so I couldn’t see the results as much then, but now that I’m growing my hair out, it is definitely noted.

Almost 8 months down the line the girls are on track! I used to buy it from the health store in sandton city for R72 until it dawned on me that I could prolly get it cheaper at dischem.

And I did, it costs me R45 at dischem!! *happy days*

So just think, for R45 a month, my breasts grow, my skin looks amazeballs and my hair grows!

And here I was thinking of breast implants! I don’t think I’ll ever stop taking them.

and she didnt even have a kid, how does that even happen?

and she didnt even have a kid, how does that even happen?

if i could post my own i would, but this is a close enough depiction

if i could post my own i would, but this is a close enough depiction

you’re my sugar honey iced tea baby, thanks for reading this *kisses*


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