In my quest to nurse my hair back to life, from hallows of sorrow it now finds it’s self in due to the constant heat usage.

Because you see my lovlies maintaining a pixie cut requires daily heat styling unless you want to look like a cow took liking to your hair. LOL! Excuse the pun…

Anywho the blog entry has a lot of insight on what seems to be a super hydrating mask for hair.

So inconjuction with my fenugreek drops, biotin pills and casteroil for my hair line

I’ll be adding this to mask to my regimen

Can’t wait to try it.

Locks & Knots

Every winter the cold damages my hair. Natural hair needs a lot of moisture and winter rips it away much faster than I can add it, so my locks have been shedding a lot lately. In order to combat this hair stress, I’ve been treating my hair with a protein mask (recipe) that I got from Freakz & Geekz. This recipe has been the savior of my hair for a couple of months now.

Honey Mayo Protein Conditioner
Because hair is a protein, protein conditioning treatments penetrate easily, getting deep into the hair-shaft. Use of protein masks/treatments stop hair breakage, rebuild hair structure and makes your hair shine and grow. If your hair is healthy, only use a protein treatment once a month, if necessary. If your hair is damaged (chemical damage, shedding, etc) use a protein treatment 2-3 times a month, no more than once every other week…

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