its going to be a quite a ride


I’ve been toying with the idea of a blog for the longest time, I couldn’t decide on exactly what direction my blog would take. At first I thought lets do a fashion blog, because anyone who knows me, knows that I love pretty things and I love looking, I pride myself in my outer appearance. Always.  But then I thought, nah  that concept its over saturated, so i thought lets do make, I’m good but not good enough to blog about make up only, then I though motherhood.

 Anyone who is a parent, a young parent at that will tell you without hesitation that its not the easiest thing. So for sure blogging about that wasn’t a half bad idea. But I never quite got to that, I’m at work all the time and my son is at preschool.

 Then I thought I’d blog about cooking, Interior design, a blog about growing out my hair. I thought that was a great idea on account that here in South Africa so many ladies don’t have the faintest idea on how to take care of their hair. But then I thought, I love my hair but not enough to just talk about it all day U’r day. I love planning events, that’s something that comes naturally to me and I thought I would blog about that. But to be honest I haven’t done enough events to just focus on that.

The other day, I went through my soul sister’s tumblr account. Her name is Naledi, she is my star and the bestest friend God has given to me. You will get to know her as time goes on.

So as I went through her account, I began to see just how different we are on paper but in person we’re the soooo the same person. She has interest in all sorts of things and she managed to express those interests in pictures and mini phrases here and there. But you can clearly see what goes on in her little head. It was like she put a projector on the mind.

 So I got to thinking… I myself am a mish mash of so many things, I’m like a box of chocolates packaged in a liquorish all sorts packet and my contents are scattered all over my maize of a brain. You really never know what’s coming next. Hell I don’t even know what’s coming next at times, always living on the edge like that.

Anyway so that’s how I came up with my blog name, Projecting Lucia is a mish mash of the deliciousness that is me in all its forms. Good, bad, crazy, sexy, cool, love, hate, hot , cold, insane, sane, sad but more often times the happy person that  I am.

And the journey begins now. I can tell you now, its going to be a hellova ride… hold on.


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